Vegan Product Reviews


North Coast Organics – Organic and Handmade Deodorant and Lip Balm - It’s hard to find an all natural deodorant that really works.  We tried both Death by Lavender and Revolver.  They have a wonderful scent and keep you smelling great all day long.   The deodorants and lip balms are coconut based and apply very smoothly with just the right balance of oil.  The handmade eco-friendly labels make these products even more special and we love to support a company that is dedicated to earth-friendly packaging.

R.A.W. – Real and Wonderful – Macaroons and Granola Snacks.  All of us at Vegan Action love coconut!  R.A.W. has a vanilla coconut macaroon and a chocolate coconut macaroon that are addictive.  We also really dig the granola “bars” both the superfood and chocolate cherry flavors.  This isn’t just your standard granola but a sweet, hardy granola that is more of a treat than a snack. They have definitely raised the bar on vegan snacks and we hope to see them in markets around our town real soon.