Certified Vegan Application

Office address for applications:

3218 Douglasdale Road Richmond, VA 23221

Vegan Certification Application 2016

No Animal Products Statement

No Animal Testing Statement

Protocol for Certifying Products as Vegan

1. Vegan Action will review application to be sure that all information is filled out and signed.

2. Vegan Action will make sure all accompanying paperwork is included:

     a. List of each product and ingredients

    b. Spec sheets or MSDS sheets from manufacturer for any ingredients that may be plant or animal derived (ex. Sterol lactolate, glycerin, lecithin)

   c. Statement whether shared machinery is used. If so, a statement of cleaning procedures must    be provided to show prevention of cross contamination of non-vegan ingredients (often called a Standards of Operating Procedures or Quality Control Procedures)

   d. Signed letter that the company applying does not conduct animal testing nor do they contract out animal testing for any of their products.

   e. A statement disclosing any GMO that may have been involved in the production of any products submitted for Vegan Certification

  f. If sugar is an ingredient, documentation from the sugar manufacturer showing it is not being filtered with bone char must be provided.

3. Ingredient lists are reviewed and confirmed to not be animal derived. If any ingredients are questionable, we will contact the company to request additional documentation to show it is not animal derived (it may be plant derived or synthetic). We also may need to contact the manufacturer directly to request more detailed information.

4. Once we have determined that all ingredients and processes are acceptable for Vegan Certification and we have received payment for the annual licensing fee, Vegan Action will send a Licensing Agreement to the company with a list of the products approved for use of the Certified Vegan Logo (see Exhibit B) as well as the Guidelines for Use of the Certified Vegan Logo in Print.

5.  Upon receiving the signed agreement, Vegan Action will send a signed copy of the annual agreement, the digital logos, and a certificate of approval.