Licensing Fee Chart
All fees are in USD (United States dollar)

For companies that already have Certified Vegan Products, there are several options that you may need:

Annual Renewal – In order to be in good standing and continue to be Vegan Certified and use the Certified Vegan Logo trademark, you will need to renew your Vegan Certification every year. This involves Vegan Action contacting you to verify if there have been any changes in ingredients, suppliers, or products on file and drawing up a new Annual Agreement. In addition, we require that you submit payment for the annual licensing fee and will send you an invoice for that payment. Once we have finalized both the returned signature of the Annual Agreement and the licensing fee, we will finalize your renewal and provide you with a one-year Renewal Certificate.

Please feel free to reach out to certification @ if you haven’t heard from us to renew first!

Please click the button below and be sure to choose the correct amount from the dropdown menu to make your annual licensing fee payment.

Adding New Products or Product Updates – After your initial certification process, in order to add new products or update us about formula changes or ingredient manufacturer changes in your existing products, you will need to submit those products through the online form, to be approved to use (or continue to use) the Certified Vegan Logo trademark. Once we have received both the online form submission for product additions/updates and the required processing fee, we will assign your request to a Vegan Certifier as soon as possible.

New Product Additions – Please use this link to submit your request and all required documents.

Product Updates – Please use this link to submit your request and all required documents.

In addition to the form above, we require that you submit payment for the processing fee. The Processing Fee is for each form submitted (not each product submitted, multiple products may be submitted per form). Please click the button below to make that payment and choose the correct amount from the dropdown menu .


If the annual licensing fee is not paid within the specified time constraints as listed in the licensing agreement, the account will be considered past due and delinquent.

We do not charge fees for late payments however, we do require all past due licensing fees in arrears be paid in full in order to be up to date and applicable for a current licensing agreement.

If you received a cancellation notification but are eligible for renewal and are interested in reinstating your Vegan Certification, there is a reinstatement fee of $100 in addition to renewing past due years as well as signing an updated Vegan Certification Licensing Agreement. Otherwise you will need to reapply as a new applicant.

If you have defaulted in your renewal and have opted to reinstate your Vegan Certification Annual Licensing Agreement you may pay the $100 fee through the link below.