By Yhanni Guadalupe-Butcher, A Bohemian Vegan
By Yhanni Guadalupe-Butcher

Life can be busy, leaving us with little time to make  breakfast, rushing to stop and pick up a snack. That’s where Vegan Certified Creation Nation Oat Yes! Chocolate Chip Energy Bites can come in and save your day! With an easy to make mix and only a couple simple ingredients to add, this is a great product to have on hand, prep the night before, and grab as you are heading out the door!

Created by certified Sports Nutritionist Karen Nation, Energy Bites, Bliss Balls and Protein Bars,  were created to replace the bland protein bars that many of us choose to eat on a day-to-day basis. She wanted a healthier option that was also tasty. Nation also wanted to give you the option to control the sugars in your Energy Bite. She has made it a point to cover all dietary preferences from paelo to vegan, so you can enjoy these flavors in whatever way fits your dietary needs.

I found the Energy Bite extremely easy to make. I made these the night before in less than 15 minutes and let them harden for best results. All I needed to supply was my desired sugar (I chose Agave), and a little bit of water to help combine everything. You can also use other ingredients like applesauce and bananas to help form your bites. Then I just mixed and rolled the bites into individual balls, and poof they were ready to eat. It’s as easy as that! As I mentioned earlier, I chose to refrigerate mine overnight, making them a little firmer. However, you can just eat them without refrigeration. Also there is a very helpful FAQ page on the Creation Nation’s website which answers questions such as, “The dough is sticking to my hand can prevent this?” She also has some recipes on her blog as well, so you can get creative with your desired energy bite.

Energy Bites
By Yhanni Guadalupe-Butcher

Now I’m sure you are wondering about the taste, and I can’t say it enough but these bites are DELICIOUS! The bites were sweet enough to satisfy my sweet tooth and they had a wonderful healthy oatmeal meets tropical beach day taste with the added coconut shreds. They were also easy to eat with their bite-sized stature and just two bites were enough to give me a little boost. I will definitely purchase more of these so I can enjoy them as a quick post workout snack after an intense workout.

The best part about these bites are that they are Certified Vegan! Creation Nation has four Certified Vegan flavors, which areOat Yes! Chocolate Chip, Cocoa For Coconuts, PB & Jelly Get In My Belly, and Peas, Love & Cocoa. You can purchase these products in select stores across the U.S. and on Amazon to have them shipped right to your door. We hope you get a chance to add these healthy snacks to your diet!