By Mandy Francisty

The new year is approaching, so this is the perfect time to write down a list of goals or create a vision board for what you want in life. You feel super pumped at the time of creation, then put it away in your bedside table simply to be forgotten about the next day. Sound familiar?

Well, I am here to teach you how to create a vision board that works.

A vision board is a way to manifest or attract what you want into your life. Attraction and manifestation works with the law of attraction, which is basically an energetic attraction. Everything in this world is energy. Your thoughts, feelings, your body, the chair you’re sitting on, the tree in your yard. Everything is energy.

The key to creating a vision board that sticks is to work with energy.

Here are the steps to do this. I have had many clients and myself follow these steps and guess what? It really does works.

Step 1: Take some time to figure out and clearly know what you want. Consider all areas of your life. Health, relationships, career, finances, fun and recreation, spiritual, education. These are some of the main ones to work with but you can add more if you wish.

Write down what you truly want for the New Year as if there were no limitations because the only true limitation is yourself. Be bold and put your true desires onto paper. This can be scary at first, but if you don’t own what you want then there is no way you will ever attract it. I dare you not to play safe!

Step 2: From this list, write a story as if you already have this in your life or already are it! Be super specific and focus on the “feelings” that you will feel when you achieve it! The feelings are super important for manifestation as your feelings are a powerful energetic magnet to attract what you want.

E.g – I wake up on Dec 1st 2020 feeling relaxed, happy and healthy. I look out onto the ocean through my new house I purchased this year….. etc

Step 3: Close your eyes and visualize this image. Really allow the feelings that you will feel to flood your whole body. Then ask yourself, “What steps do I need to take to achieve this?”

See each step that you need to take in your visualization. As the journey is just as important as the end goal. As the journey is what gets us there! Now write these down.

Step 4: With your vision and feelings fresh in your mind and with your energy high, it’s now time to create your vision board. You can also make it a journey board, so add the steps you visualized to make this vision a reality. Put as much love and energy into this as you can because the energy you put into it is the energy that you get back. You can draw, write, cut and paste pictures, use glitter… whatever your heart desires! Go for it and make it yours!

Step 5: Look at this every single day. Put your board somewhere that you’ll easily see it on a day-to-day basis. Close your eyes and visualize what you want to manifest, feel the feelings!!  Then go about your day acting and feeling as if you have already manifested this. This high energy will attract this into your life. Make every action and thought that you take in alignment to creating this reality. This step is super important and the key to creating a vision board that works!

If you truly believe in your worth and every single day, put energy into your desires, then they will become a reality.

On a side note, if you deep down don’t believe that you can achieve this or that you are worthy then I highly recommend you spend some time working on your limiting beliefs. I promise once you clear these, the world is your oyster.

Follow these steps to make 2020 your best year yet!

If you want to learn anymore about manifestation or removing limiting beliefs holding you back to living the life you desire then head to my website and head to the “contact” page if you want to get in touch.

Mandy Francisty is an Intuitive Guidance Coach who will guide you to a place of self-love and deep healing by using a variety of highly effective techniques online such as Timeline Therapy, Inner-Child Healing, Intuitive Guidance Readings, NLP Therapy, Breath Work and Yoga.