Gray Black

Administrative and Outreach Intern

Gray, a proud Scotch-American, was born the only child of older parents. Having no other siblings in which to confide or with whom to play, his parents let him adopt a cat who he named Pete when he was three. As their relationship blossomed, she (yes, gendered names are constructs) was seen less and less by him as a “pet” as everyone else did and more as a sister, which unsurprisingly catalyzed a long-term paradigm shift and subsequent advocacy for non-human animals.
Presently, Gray is a student at VCU majoring in International Studies with a concentration in Social Justice and triple minoring in French, history and political science. While having leadership positions in the VCU VegClub and the International Studies Society, he remains active members of the National Honors Society, National French Honors Society, Student Government Association, and Omicrom Kappa Delta. Additionally, Gray is a part of the VCU Globe Education Program, an interdisciplinary program that certifies him for the Peace Corps, teaching abroad and global citizenship. Gray hopes to one-day combine his two core passions in life (traveling and helping living beings) by running an international non-profit that focuses on the intersectionality of veganism and ethical consumerism.
In his spare-time, Gray enjoys the company of his friends, parents and furry family members, gardening, hiking, and binge-watching historical documentaries or period series.

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