Wendy Patterson

Vegan Certification Administrator

Wendy has been enamored of animals since she was a small child in upstate New York. Growing up, she lived with two dogs, a cat, two rabbits, and a guinea pig and became vegan in her teenage years for ethical reasons. Wendy received her degree in Cosmetology but always wanted to do something for animals yet wasn’t sure what or how. In 2010, she met her first friend since moving to Richmond, at a dog play date with her first English Bulldog, Peggy, a Craigslist rescue. That new friend was an animal-cruelty prosecutor then animal-rights lawyer, who started River City Bulldog Rescue in 2013. Wendy was inspired to join the effort and became the Fundraising Officer for RCBR, which has a vegan fundraising policy, in 2014. Wendy resides in Chesterfield with her husband and their elderly English Bulldog, Dexter. When she isn’t planning fundraisers for RCBR, she enjoys eating vegan food, working on cars with her husband, and trying her skills at roller derby.

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