1. This city is filled with loads of vegan and veg-friendly restaurants. Here are some of our favorites:

  • 821 Cafe
  • Harrison St. Cafe 
  • Hangspace
  • The Daily
  • Cobra Cabana

For many more amazing options check out our Food Guide

2. Richmond is home to one of the largest veg fests on the East Coast. Richmond Veg Fest happens once a year in September. There are also other vegan-focused events throughout the year including V72, Soul Vegan Block Party, and World Vegan Day.

3. We are lucky to have a very active and growing vegan community. Join the RVA Vegan Facebook group and Instagram page!

4. We have two local health food stores that carry some of the best vegan products — Ellwood Thompson’s and Good Foods Grocery in Chesterfield.

5. We have public transportation options making it easier to travel to local grocery stores to find vegan options.

6. We have TWO local vegan cheese makers in town — Rooted Delights and UnMoo. How cool!

7. Even the bigger grocery stores, such as Kroger, have a growing Natural Foods Section with loads of vegan options. We’re talking plant-based cookie dough, alfredo sauce, and more! 

Happy donkeys at Grateful Meadows.

8. We’re fortunate to have nearby animal sanctuaries such as Grateful Meadows, Peaceful Fields Sanctuary, and Rikki’s Refuge where you can visit happy farm animals and put a face to the animals you’re saving.

9. Richmond is home to the VCU, with an active VegClub and many vegan restaurants you can walk to. GO RAMS!

10. Fitness is an important part of the health aspect of veganism. Luckily Richmond is also home to many fitness facilities, from yoga studios to gyms. Check out Root Force a Personal Training Facility in the Manchester area, which is run by Derek Tresize, a local Vegan Bodybuilder.