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Hi, friends!

We are so happy to announce that our website has been in the works these past few months, and within the next week or two, it will be ready to launch!
What this means is that, for one, it will be more user-friendly and updated. After it launches, we'll be working on updating all the information as well! For companies interested in getting products certified: you won't have to click 1,000 different places to get all the application documents, as it's now conveniently all in the same place - easy peasy!
We can't wait for its release! We will aim to make more blog posts once it's ready, including a "cook and review" from the anniversary edition of Isa Chandra Moskowitz's Vegan with a Vengeance. We will be working on bringing the e-newsletter back as well!

Also, a very special shoutout to Redmond Creative, Inc. for all of the incredible work you've been doing for us! We can't thank you enough!
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Quite Possibly the most Eye Opening Six Minutes Ever on Film

“On this ancient and miraculous world, where such beautiful natural and living things have evolved, something has gone wrong when life itself is used as a manufacturing process. I read that in 50 years, we must adopt a largely vegetarian diet or die, and forgive me if I take that as good news. Something is out of balance, and “Samsara” regards the sides of the equation.”


Footage from the film “Samsara


Give to Charity While You Shop Online? Win-Win!

Shopping through the links on our site support our work to end the needless suffering of farm animals.  With your support, we will continue to make plant-based diets more accessible to the mainstream and share the compelling ideas behind veganism with thousands of people each year. Each person that we encourage to reduce their consumption of animals will spare numerous animals from a lifetime of misery.

When you click to Amazon using our banner link, a portion of your Amazon purchase total is given to Vegan Action.

Prefer to support a small vegan business? Pangea Vegan Products will generously donate a portion of your purchase total to Vegan Action when you click through using the links on our page.

My Life as a Turkey

A fascinating glimpse into the lives of animals who are often seen as little more than Thanksgiving centerpieces. The film follows Joe Hutto as he raises 16 turkeys, left on his porch as eggs, from hatchlings to adulthood.

Turkeys on factory farms will be killed when they are only 5 or 6 months old and, during their short lives, will be denied even the simplest pleasures, such as running, building nests, raising their young or even stepping outdoors. Turkeys raised for food will never know the comfort of their mother’s wings or experience the joy of exploring the woods and fields with her.

Each of us can help prevent the needless suffering of turkeys by leaving them, and all animals, off our plates! This holiday season, join the growing number of Americans that are choosing to celebrate by serving delicious vegan fare.