About Us

A happier, healthier, and greener world for all.

We inspire people to be vegan to save the world!


Vegan Action is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization (FIN# 94-3224024) works to eliminate animal suffering, reduce environmental impacts, and improve human health through a vegan diet.


Created in 1995, Vegan.org is one of the oldest and most visited vegan websites in the world. Our efforts over the past 25 years include certifying thousands of vegan products with our logo through our Vegan Certification Campaign by:

* introducing humane organizations to veganism with our Humane Outreach Campaign,

  • * bringing vegan food into public and private facilities nationwide with our Food Service Campaign,
  • * educating animal welfare organizations about the connection of care for companion animals and veganism
  • * leading cooking and plant-based nutrition lessons to students and community groups
  • * sharing the compelling ideas behind veganism with thousands of people with our Share Vegan Campaign and additional tabling events.
  • We also raise awareness to over a quarter of a million people a year through this website.



Vegan Action/Vegan Awareness Foundation
P.O. Box 7313
Richmond, VA 23221


(804) 254-8346

New Product Submissions

We love to know about new vegan products and so would our website visitors! We welcome nationally distributed vegan products and books for consideration on our website and social media feeds.

Samples and press information may be mailed to our post office box or you can call us for our office address by contacting us.


Krissi Vandenberg
Executive Director and Program Developer

Board Members

Mike Ogilvie
Vegan Action Board Member
Julie Sutton
Vegan Action Board Member
Frances Kerley
Advisory Committee
Juliana Canale
Industry Advisory Committee Member
René Adamo, Esq
Board Member
Trey Sutton
Board Member

Staff Members

Rebecca Adams
Vegan Certification Coordinator
Alanna Tomlin
Vegan Certification Coordinator
Kaicee Robertson
Vegan Certification Coordinator
Summer Cunningham
Vegan Certification Coordinator
Katelyn Chisholm
Vegan Certification Coordinator
Penny Panini
Office Support
Julie Sutton
Vegan Certification Coordinator
Zoey Zucchini
Office Advisor
Paige Baxter
Content Manager and Event Coordinator
Tiny Tiger Tortellini
Office Support
Rex Rotini
Office Support

Advisory Committee

Vegan Vet – Dr. Christopher Patterson, DVM

Advisor – David Blatte, Esq

Founding Members

Ori Brafman

Leor Jacobi

Scott Selby

Mark Schlosberg

Special Thanks To

BizhanKhodabandeh of Mended Arrow -  design work

Barb Upchurch of Apple Cart – advice and support

Mark Davis - web design and support

Former Board Members

David Blatte

Eliza Bates

Pam Webb

Roy Webb

Jason Gaverick Matheny

Jeff Bogosian

Alanna Wiggins Tomlin

Christopher Patterson

Alyssa Murray

Nina Marino

Jean Kreinar

Leslie Sanford

David Phinney

Janus Chidester

Matt Fitzgerald

Grateful For Grants and Donations From

Nalith Foundation

Craigslist Foundation

Meyer & Papa Gold Family Foundation


Pangea Vegan Products

The Vegetarian Site


Dharma Merchant Services


Network for Good


United Way

Wells Fargo Community Support

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