Summer Cunningham

Vegan Certification Coordinator

Summer Cunningham grew up working around and caring for animals at a local farm, where she wore many hats and eventually became the Summer Camp Director. She has always had a deep love and respect for all inhabitants of this Earth and was initially inspired to try going vegetarian in middle school, after learning about the treatment of animals in slaughterhouses. This attempt only stuck for about a year and a half, and she wasn’t sure, as a picky eater, that going fully vegan would ever be in the cards for her. As time went on she learned about the environmental impacts the current food system is having, had the desire to be more in line with the Ahimsa principle of Buddhism, and with the added knowledge from the What The Health documentary regarding the positive benefits and changes you can see in your health when choosing a vegan diet – she knew it was time to do right by the animals and finally give veganism a try, it’s been three years and counting now!  In addition to animals, Summer also loves music, parks, stand-up comedy, podcasts, documentaries, skincare, makeup, politics, and social justice!  In her eyes, working for Vegan Action is helping to make a vegan lifestyle easier for the average consumer to access and helping to encourage companies to make more vegan products! She doesn’t see veganism as a trend, but as a meaningful way you can choose to impact the world around you that could have transformative and lasting impacts not only for yourself and the animals you choose not to eat, but for the entire Earth.

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