Vegan Action partnered with the Richmond Tool bank to build free food pantries for our city. We’ve installed them throughout our community in high foot traffic areas. We are stocking them with non-perishable, plant-based foods and recipes. The great thing about vegan food is that it can feed everyone. No matter the diet preference, everyone eats plants, so there will be something for ALL to choose from.

If you have a need, please visit one of our pantries to pick up some great staples such as pasta, veggie stock, peanut butter, rice, canned beans, pasta sauce,

If you are able to donate, please do so anytime you can. We’ve provided a list below with suggestions.


Southside Boys and Girls Club – 2409 Bainbridge St., Richmond, Va 23225
Chimborazo Elementary School 3000 E Marshall St, Richmond, VA 23223
Randolph Community Center 1415 Grayland Ave., Richmond, VA 23220
Humphrey Calder Community Center 414 N. Thompson St., Richmond, VA 23221

For a list of additional free food pantries and maps check out the great website “take what you need and give what you can”