Humane Organization Outreach

Animal welfare and animal rescue volunteers give endless time, money, and love to help animals in need throughout their communities. We want to help them extend their compassion to all animals and encourage incorporating veganism into their lives and their work.

We will provide guidance, support, and micro food grants to local humane organizations and similar groups in the community to work toward incorporating a vegan policy in respect of all animals by omitting animals at food at events, fundraisers, promotions, and benefit shows.

Why Vegan?

Ahimsa Pledge for our Omnivore Friends

If you are still consuming animal products and by-products (meat, dairy, eggs, whey, gelatin, etc.) and/or using animal products regularly (leather, silk, wool, and personal care products that have been tested on animals), would you consider making a change that benefits yourself (inner peace), the animals (not supporting their suffering and death), and the planet (not contributing to pollution)?

For whatever reason that is most inspiring to you, we challenge you to take a vow of Ahimsa - non violence.  This is nothing more than a personal promise with yourself.  Will you take a vow today?

click on this link to make it official and accept our small gift

Restaurant Outreach

We want Richmond to be a vegan model city – to be among the best vegan-friendly cities in North America. One of the ways we aim to accomplish this is by having delicious and intentional vegan dishes available at all restaurants in Richmond. Richmond was named the tenth most vegan friendly city by PETA in 2016 and we want to keep that momentum going and encourage more restaurants to participate.

We publish the Better Richmond Food Guide three times a year with a list of restaurants and food trucks in the greater Richmond area that serve delicious and worthwhile vegan options. We want to add more restaurants and new restaurants to that list. We are available to consult with restaurant staff to review ingredients and dishes. In addition, we are planning our first Vegan Restaurant Weekend in 2018 which will highlight restaurants in the city that develop original vegan dishes.

School and Community Garden Outreach

Access to healthy food is chronic problem in our country, especially for children. We want to be part of the solution by supporting and providing garden-to-table opportunities at schools and community after-school programs to share with students the experiences of growing and cooking food and the importance of plant-based nutrition.

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