Lickinghole Creek Brewery’s Rum Barrel Aged Carrot Cake Imperial Amber Ale

The great website has done the research for us but here is the lowdown on some of Richmond, Virginia’s great local spirits:

Ardent – most beer is vegan with the exception of a few with honey
Hardywood – many of their beer are vegan with the exception of the stouts and a few seasonal beers (check online or ask at the brewery)
Strangways – all are vegan except two with honey (ask at the brewery)
Boldrock Cider – all are vegan
Lickinghole Creek – all are vegan
Potomac Point Vineyard & Winery – all are vegan
Johnson Orchards Wine – all are vegan except the honey wine
Center of the Universe – all are vegan except the milk stouts
Legend Brewery – all are NOT vegan as use isinglass except for the Hefeweizen which is unfiltered
Stone Brewing – most are vegan except stouts and those with honey (check online or ask at the brewery)
Three Notch’d Brewing – most are NOT vegan as they use gelatin for filtration. Exceptions are non-filtered beers such as the Citra Wheat and Notch’d Your Everyday Hefeweizen
Champion Brewing Company – all vegan except for milk stouts