December 12, 2021 UPDATE – We are so very happy to report that the last of the #virginia155 pigs (and their big brother Arnold the “farm pig”) have been adopted and were transported to Campfire Critters Animal Sanctuary this past weekend. It has been a long and challenging but rewarding 12 months involving many folks and funds to get all of the pigs off site and adopted into safe and secure homes all with the start of Ranger’s Refuge at Gallastar in December of 2020.Potbelly pigs are among the greatest “giveaway pet” after the age of 1. Sadly those shelters that do take them in are almost always full and there are endless posts of free pigs online. There is no such things as a minipig and unfortunately the myth is strongly perpetuated on social media. Many of these pigs are left abandoned or end up slaughtered. Each and every one of us that helped in this rescue, in every way, has made sure that every pig from this rescue now has a happy story. So thank you to everyone that has adopted these pigs, donated supplies, volunteered their time, shared the rescue with others, donated funds, fostered, and helped to rehome. It took a village and that’s exactly how this got done!

155 potbellied pigs were abandoned on a farm in Orange, Virginia. Vegan Action and several other groups began working on the ground in January 2021 at the farm to get these pigs vaccinated, spayed and neutered, and rehomed. It will take much time, work, and funds but it is absolutely attainable.

 In just 8 weeks we have rescued 71 pigs from this farm so far.  Multiple sanctuaries throughout Virginia, including Rangers Refuge, Hope and Serenity, Loving Farms, Sanctuary Rescue, Harmony Farms, and Faithful Friends Sanctuary Farm have been able to help with the most needed – the very pregnant sows. Fortunately, 14 of the rescued pigs were rescued and rehomed in time to have their babies in a safe, warm space. Please see below some of the wonderful faces that we have rescued so far! We will be done when the last pig is relocated safe and sound. 

We have several fundraisers going at this time to help with these efforts in addition to accepting donations. Please check out our limited edition For The Pigs Fundraiser T-shirt and our Sweat for the Pigs Fundraiser Event.