Katelyn Chisholm

Vegan Certification Coordinator

Katelyn has always been passionate about the livelihood of others (people and animals)! Nutrition, fitness and animal welfare are three areas that she likes to focus her efforts! To dive further into each of these areas Katelyn became an EMT, yoga instructor and vegan! Being an EMT has allowed her to focus on the health and wellness of others. She believes nutrition can play a major role in health! Fitness is another key component. Moving the body in an intentional way is life changing! She began teaching yoga in an effort to help others feel good physically, mentally and emotionally. Becoming vegan was the missing piece to the puzzle, she was now checking all the boxes for the mind, body and soul! Katelyn became vegan after listening to a podcast episode (Yoga Girl: Conversations From The Heart – Peace, Love and Veganism with James Aspey) and never looked back! She feels that veganism allows her to truly express compassion to all!

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