Kaicee Robertson

Vegan Certification Coordinator

Kaicee Robertson has been vegan for 9 years and is passionate about sharing the joy and excitement that comes with being vegan with others. Vegan food is her love language and more than anything, Kaicee loves eating good food with human and non-human animals. As often as she can, Kaicee volunteers with Ranger’s Refuge animal sanctuary where she loves feeding treats to the over 200 animals who live there – feeding animals is how she feeds her own soul. Kaicee also sponsors a very smart and mischievous mule named Jasper and his petite and gentle mom Violet. In her downtime, Kaicee enjoys spending time with her own dogs and cats, reading, listening to podcasts, rowing, cooking, and dreaming of one day rescuing farmed animals. Kaicee’s professional background is in education and fundraising, and she’s worked in dog and cat animal welfare for the past 10 years. Kaicee is incredibly excited to be part of a team and organization where she can put her skills to use as a voice and force for all animals. 

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