Krissi Vandenberg

Executive Director and Program Developer

Krissi began as a volunteer for Vegan Action in Berkeley, California in 1998 and has served as the Executive Director since bringing the organization to Richmond, Virginia in 2000.  She has been vegan since 1995, inspired by friends and the British cookzine Soy Not Oi! and co-founded Richmond Animal Rights Network.  Krissi has a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Masters of Science in Sociology from Virginia Commonwealth University where she taught for two years and holds a Certificate in Nonprofit Management from VCU. She has presented on vegan related issues at festivals around the country and was a top presenter at the 2015 Nonprofit Learning Point Summit. Krissi is also passionate about nature and the environment and is a Certified Tree Steward.  Her passions are punk ethics, hugging trees, feminism, raising a son named Arrow, adopting animals, talking about veganism and the ethics regarding nonhuman animals, and making the best lentil loaf in town.  She is regularly disheartened and baffled by the ex-vegan and dreams of using her masters degree in sociology to one day write a book on the subject.

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