Photo by Yhanni Guadalupe-Butcher

With our increasingly busy lives, getting an appropriate amount of Vitamin D can become more of a chore than a fun task. Whether you spend at least 15 minutes a day or an hour, it’s important for your wellness to soak up some sunshine.

We have an idea…or 20… for ways that you can soak up some Vitamin D, outside of taking supplements. 

Check out our suggestions:

  1. Take a walk in your local town or city park
  2. Find a cozy spot and pen your next great novel in the great outdoors
  3. Sit outside and read a book
  4. Walk to a nearby coffee shop, book store or market
  5. Go for a bike ride
  6. Take a trip to a state or national park
  7. Dabble in a little birdwatching
  8. Dip your toes in a lake, river or nearby ocean!
  9. Grab some friends and play a sport 
  10. Go for a bite to eat with your pals and opt to eat outside
  11. Relax on a patch of grass and watch some clouds
  12. Practice your musical instrument outside and play for the earth, or passersby (who knows good things might come out of it!)
  13. Take your dog on a walk
  14. Go on a picnic
  15. Plant a seasonally appropriate vegetable, herb, or fruit
  16. Get your heart racing and go for a run
  17. Go fruit picking
  18. Immerse yourself in tall trees and take a few minutes to observe your surroundings — the noises of animals and insects. 
  19. Do an act of kindness for the earth and your community by picking up litter
  20. Take that new project outside and perfect your craft!