Staff member Lindsay LeSueur and Executive Director Krissi Vandenberg table at a conference.
  • Host an Information Table – here are links for the best pamphlets and booklets to pass out
  • Screen a Documentary Film – contact VegFund for funding to cover costs to provide free food and for screening rights fees
  • Host a Vegan Potluck or Dinner Party
  • Start a Vegan Club or Group
  • Volunteer with a local Veg Organization or Animal Sanctuary
  • Encourage friends and family to take the vow of ahimsa, meaning to cause no harm.
  • Share reasons, recipes, benefits, and tips on going vegan on social media
  • Share vegan food with others anytime you can – here are some of our favorite foods to share with omnivores!

There are so many ways to promote veganism to family, friends, co-workers, classmates, and your community.