Now available in the U.K.! Now that’s accessibility!

Vegans can prepare for a frozen treat as Ben & Jerry’s is finally launching its dairy-free range in the UK.

The ice-cream giant already offers its non-dairy alternatives in the US, but British fans have been forced to miss out until now.

Three dairy-free varieties will be launched in supermarkets across the country later this month, two of which are variations of its existing options and one an all new flavour exclusive to the dairy-free range.

Those options are Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Chunky Monkey, and Peanut Butter & Cookies.

The ice-creams are made using almonds as a substitute to dairy, with the vegan-certified brownie chunks provided by New York company Greyston Bakery.

A spokesman for Ben &Jerry’s said: “Vegan friends, whether you’ve been waiting three decades or three days for certified vegan non-dairy decadence, it’s time to rejoice!

“We’ve partnered with Vegan Action over in the US to certify that our non-dairy doesn’t include animal products of any kind – including eggs, dairy or honey.

“We admire you for your commitment and we hope you love the magnificent vegan chunks & swirls we’ve loaded into these bad boys.”

“Some of you are committed to a vegan lifestyle, while others can’t or would rather not eat dairy. And all of you are missing the indulgent frozen delights you wish you could enjoy.

“We knew that with some hard work and experimentation we could deliver the taste and creamy texture you’ve been craving. So we did.”

The new Ben &Jerry’s non-dairy family will be available in freezers across the nation from the end of September and available for £5.99.

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