Ciao Bella recently certified their amazing line of sorbet and they generously sent us one of each flavor to taste and review. With so much to sample, we enlisted some help from the teens at ALSO Youth: a non-profit supporting LGBTQIA+ youth in Sarasota, FL. We set up a taste test with a rainbow of flavors and the teens were excited to provide feedback! Here’s what some of the youth had to say:

Absolutely delicious!
Absolutely amazing!
I’m not usually a raspberry guy, but dang!
Tastes authentically raspberry – really good

Real good, real chocolaty, maybe make it a bit sweeter.
This is perfect for people who love really dark chocolate!
Too bitter for me, but dark chocolate lovers will like this.

Strawberry Limonato
So flavorful! I love it!
Delicious and refreshing!
Based on the flavor name, I probably wouldn’t buy this, but that would be a major mistake. Explosively awesome!

Blood Orange
It’s amazing!
I love the bitter notes!

Peach Sangria
YES (underlined three times for emphasis)
Wow! There’s real bits of peach in here!

Blackberry Cabernet
Love this flavor! The texture is perfect: thick and creamy.
Absolutely amazing.
Rich, grounded, and earthy with all the right kinds of dark-fruit-sweet.
Tastes nice & sweet.

SO GOOD! (underlined twice for emphasis)
I love it (with a check mark)
OMG there’s real coconut in here!
This texture is so good. This doesn’t even taste like sorbet!

I love the tartness! It’s legitimately lemon.
Absolutely incredible, love the tartness!
Refreshing! I love lemon!

Blueberry Passionfruit
The swirls of color are so pretty! This is my favorite. This combines two great flavors.
OMG It’s so good!
This is the best!

Tastes like real mango!
I never knew until now that I could be in love with a sorbet. It’s so good!
This is amazing. It tastes like fresh mango!

By the end of the evening, the coconut, raspberry, and mango flavors were wiped clean, with the others nearly empty. Some of the youth are vegan, so they appreciated having a sweet non-dairy treat, and the non-vegan youth were really impressed with the amount of flavor packed into this line of sorbet.

Big thanks to Ciao Bella for sending us these delicious samples, and of course for making your sorbet line certified vegan.

And of course, thanks to the teens at ALSO Youth who rose up to the task of tasting these frozen desserts!