By Yhanni Guadalupe-Butcher, A Bohemian Vegan

Is your beard lacking moisture? Or is your significant other’s beard feeling like a rough patch in the desert? Well I have a super simple fix for that, homemade beard oil! My husband has a beard and though most times I love it, some days I find myself in the drug store looking for the best beard oil. Until it occurred to me that I should just make my own. So I did, and it has totally made a difference, and took just a few simple minutes to create! The bonus is that he can use this in his hair as well! (If using on your hair I would recommend using a few times a week.) The oils I used are apricot, vegetable glycerin, lavender, and lemon, making this four ingredient oil smell like a relaxing summer day. The best part of it all is that it really helped bring some moisture and shine!

The oils I used were very easy to find and I wanted to give you some facts on why I used them! The Vegetable Glycerin is made from plant seeds such as coconut, soy, and palm oil. It is a humectant which is a scientific word for a substance that helps retains moisture, which is exactly what it does! The apricot oil is helpful with shine and bringing moisture. The lemon and lavender essential oils also assist with promoting hair growth and fighting against dandruff as well — all while giving you the relaxing smells you need! Check out below to see how I made this oil great for hair and beard.


1.oz glass bottle

.4 oz apricot oil

.4 oz vegetable glycerin 

3 drops lavender essential oil 

3 drops lemon essential oil 


1. In your glass bottle add in the ingredients making sure that you leave a little room at the top.

2. Then shake and get ready to experience the benefits of moisturized hair.

3. Use daily for best results 

Here’s to moisture! I hope you enjoy!