Happy New Year! The start of Veganuary and new year’s resolutions are in full effect, which is why we’re giving you our picks for how to start 2019 off right!

For the health-minded: check out this eco-friendly yoga mat from Mantra Cork. What better way to add fitness into your life than with yoga! It’s an easy way to add exercise and to meditate if desired, and the best part is you can find classes online.






For pre- and post-workout, check out these brands:

Celsius is a certified vegan energy-boosting drink in a variety of flavors. From pre-workouts with Celsius Heat to their traditional energy drinks, Celsius has something for everyone!


After every workout you should fuel fast, so fuel the certified vegan Vega way, with Vega Protein Bars! Filled with plant-based protein, these bars are sure to give you much-needed energy before or after a great workout.


Get a certified vegan health boost with daily vitamins and supplements from Garden Of Life myKind Organics! These vitamins were co-created with Alicia Sliverstone, a fellow vegan and activist, best known for her starring role in the movie, “Clueless.” These vitamin gummies are better than candy, in more ways than one!


Looking for a healthy grab-and-go drink? Check out our favorite kombucha brands:


Big Easy Bucha

We love it because the flavors are so fun and you can even get a little taste of everything with their variety pack. Not only are these fermented teas certified vegan, but the New Orleans-based company does a lot to help their community and support social justice issues. Some of our favorite flavors are Jazz Juice Tea and Bayou Berry!



With great seasonal flavors such as the holiday blend and unique varieties all the time such as Maca-Berry, Health-Ade is sure to add some fun bubbles to your day! You can even find Health-Ade at 7 Eleven convenience stores!


Self care is important for our well-being as it can be a time to reflect and destress. It can also be done in so many ways, from solo pampering to exercise along with nutritious eating. Remember, living healthfully is about what you put into your body AND on your body. Add a little bit of healthy, vegan self care into your routine this year with some of these amazing products.


Theoderma Skincare line is Vegan Certified and great food for your face! Using all natural ingredients, they really go the extra mile to make sure your skincare is tailored to you with the option to match your product with your needs. They are also committed to being cruelty-free by registering with the Leaping Bunny Program.


Well Within Planted in Beauty

This line of beauty products goes beyond skincare by providing nutritional supplements, too. They also offer guides on health care strategies, so you can incorporate more healthy habits into 2019!


With Londontown, bring self care and style to your nail care! They offer vegan & cruelty-free nail polishes in a wide variety of colors, as well as strengthening formulas.  


The Daily Vegan

As mentioned earlier, another important form of self care can come from our diets. With the new year here, why not try vegan eating with this wonderful daily guided journal, The Daily Vegan. This journal doubles as a guide to more compassionate living, filled with inspiration and room to keep your recipes and notes. Along with this you can write down your reflections during your journey. This journal was created to complement the book, Vegan’s Daily Companion by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau.



We hope that this year you choose to step towards incorporating more plant based foods into your diet. If you are interested in more information about going vegan, check out Veganuary.com. For more information & inspiration on reducing your impact on the environment and animal suffering, check out our page “Why Vegan?” at Vegan.org



Happy New Year to you and yours!