Photo by Dreampop Media

By Paige Baxter

One of my all-time favorite sweet treats as a kid was cotton candy. For many years, the promise of a bag of the sugary fluff was the only way someone could convince me to attend a local baseball or basketball game. But since I became vegan, I put the kibosh on eating cotton candy once I learned that it contains standard refined sugars that are processed with animal bone char. Many artificial dyes used in the making of cotton also often contain animal by-products.

But recently, I took a trip down memory lane when I tried Certified Vegan Pure Fluff Cotton Candy for the first time. Their sugary fluff is light and sweet just as I remembered it. 

On the outside, Pure Fluff looks like the traditional cotton candy that you may have stuffed your face with as a kid. But, its ingredients are much cleaner. A pack of fluff is made with organic cane sugar and natural fruit flavors. None of their fluff is made with artificial dyes, preservatives, gluten or “funky stuff”. Their cotton candy also contains half the amount of sugar in a cupcake (according to the company’s website). But, don’t worry, it is just sweet enough!

In the best way possible, Pure Fluff isn’t your usual cotton candy just because of its ingredients. The Charleston, South Carolina-based company crafts creative and fun flavor combinations such as Srirachaberry, Lemon Lavender and Watermelon Beet. 

Pure Fluff’s two flavors that contain CBD oil. Photo by Pure Fluff

At Vegan Action, we were lucky enough to sample a handful of flavors. Confetti Cookie’s classic vanilla taste won the hearts of many as did Black Berry with its strong fruity scent and sweet flavor. A third staff favorite was the Vanilla Haze, which contains 50 mg total of Broad Spectrum Active Constituent-Rich CBD Oil. It’s safe to say that Vanilla Haze was also very tasty and the sugar levels weren’t too much to handle.

Pure Fluff truly takes you back to carnival and fair days, just without the animal cruelty that’s involved in making it.

Are you interested in getting your hands on a pack of Fluff? Find out how to snag some here.