We think we’re going to start doing product announcements for some cool things we certify! That way, you know what has the Certified Vegan logo, meets the standards, and know what cool, new things to keep an eye out for. And there are ALWAYS cool vegan things to keep an eye out for!

In the past week, we’ve certified:


Sola Look‘s upcoming liquid-to-matte lipstick in collaboration with Instagram-fav @depechegurl! A beautiful neutral mauve launching this Friday, July 15. Vegan liquid-to-mattes are in no short supply, but we are always excited to see new ones hit the market – especially when they get certified! Christina’s (depechegurl) secret cosmetic project, Cryptic Cosmetics, also has vegan lipsticks that we certified and we cannot WAIT for the line’s reveal.


Soups by Jus by Julie! You could simultaneously beat the summer heat and boost your antioxidant intake with the Roasted Tomato Gazpacho, which sounds amazing and contains ingredients to help your skin glow all summer long. The other soups look great too, and Vegan Action is currently working with Jus by Julie to get their whole product range certified, from juices to “booster shots.


Energy bars and bites by Kiwicha Bar! Made from tasty kiwicha (amaranth), almond butter, dates and other goodies, these little guys will help keep you nourished and ready for the day ahead. They’re also definitely travel and hiker-friendly. Founder Leigh created the bars after trekking through the Peruvian Andes and eating kiwicha to keep her going!

“I trekked for days without access to supermarkets, restaurants or cellular phone service. I crossed the treacherous Salkantay pass at more than 15,000 feet.  My local guide fed me kiwicha. He told me it was the secret food that allowed his ancestors to climb the same mountains centuries before. I brought back what I learned in Peru and made Kiwicha Bar!”

We’re excited about all of these and hope you are too!

Have any products you’d like to see certified? Email the company and tell them to get in touch with us!