We had the best day to celebrate all the reasons to choose vegan!







World Vegan Day Inspiration

Do it for the animals – Do it for the environment – Do it for your health – Do it to fight hunger. Whatever the reason – choosing plant foods over animal foods every chance you get does MAKE A DIFFERENCE!  Food insecurity – climate change – food choices 

What better way to remind yourself of the reasons to choose vegan than to meet a few friendly faces. Visit a nearby farm animal rescue and make a donation toward their efforts. List of Sanctuaries

Have you thought about wanting to support more kindness in your purchases? Choose plant-based foods and cruelty-free products whenever possible. The animals appreciate it! Look for the Certified Vegan Logo! 

Did you know that animal waste from factory farms is one of the top polluters of our US waterways? Reducing your demand for animal products is an act of PROTECTING our natural resources!  How do hamburgers pollute our water?

Going vegan for the animals means choosing to NOT support the unnecessary and inhumane breeding, raising, and killing of 56 billion farmed animals every year. YOU can save 200 animal lives a year by choosing plants for every meal!  Animal Equality numbers

Studies have shown that greatly reducing or eliminating meat, fish, dairy and eggs from your diet decreases your chances of developing or dying from cancer. AND your risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, type-2 diabetes, and obesity goes down tremendously. Health is wealth, go vegan! Health benefits of going vegan

Did you know that growing plants for food uses fewer resources than raising animals for food. Help save our planet by eliminating meat, fish, dairy and eggs from your diet!  Sustainable Farming

Learning to cook at home costs less and makes choosing vegan even easier! We are really excited to share some of our favorite recipes! Try making a new vegan meal for yourself today.  CookieandKate