About Us

VEGAN ACTION works to reduce animal suffering, minimize environmental impact, and improve human health.

Vegan Action is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization (FIN# 94-3224024) working to reduce animal suffering, minimize environmental impact, and improve human health.

Our efforts over the past 19 years include certifying hundreds of vegan products with our logo through our Vegan Certification Campaign, introducing humane organizations to veganism with our Humane Outreach Campaign, bringing vegan food into public and private facilities nationwide with our Food Service Campaign, and sharing the compelling ideas behind veganism with thousands of people with our Share Vegan Campaign and additional tabling events. We also raise awareness to over a quarter of a million people a year through this website.

Our Vision

A happier, healthier, and cleaner world for all.

New Product Submissions

We love to know about new vegan products and so would our website visitors! We welcome nationally distributed vegan products and books for consideration on our website and social media feeds. Samples and press information may be mailed to the post office box below or you can call 804-577-8341 for our office address.

Vegan Action

Attn: New Products

P.O. Box 7313

Richmond, VA 23221

Marketing Vegan Products

We can arrange for your product samples and marketing materials to be distributed at the Richmond Vegetarian Festival. This annual event is one of the largest of its kind in the country, and boasts attendance in the 1o,000 range.

Company and Product Sponsorship on our website or electronic newsletter

Various sponsorship opportunities are available. Please email for details and rates.

Board of Directors:

DSC01210   Executive Director – Krissi Vandenberg

Chris headshot  Board Secretary – Christopher Patterson

Alyssa photo   Board Treasurer – Alyssa Murray

Leslie photo   Board Member – Leslie Sanford

Cara Photo   Board Member – Cara Frye

Jean photo   Board Member – Jean Kreinar


Logan  Writer for Richmond Vegan Action Facebook -Logan Williams

Advisory Committee:

Vegan Vet – Dr. Christopher Patterson, DVM

Vegan Chef – Jennifer Hurst

Advisor – David Blatte, Esq

Supporters and former Board Members – Jeff Bogosian and Alanna Wiggins

Founding Members:

Ori Brafman

Leor Jacobi

Special Thanks To:

River City Give Camp – IT team for website design and set up

Lloyd Young – newsletter and design work

Cara Frye- Design work

Barb Upchurch – advice and support

Amy Winegardner – brochure design

Contact Us:

Vegan Action/Vegan Awareness Foundation

P.O. Box 7313

Richmond, VA 23221

phone: 804 577-8341

fax: 804-254-8346

email: info@vegan.org

Due to the high volume of mail we receive each day, we are not always able to respond to all questions or comments but we try our best!

For questions about Vegan Certification: Answers to many of the questions we receive can be found in the Vegan Certification section of our site. Please be sure to check the links on the right side of that page.