By Amanda Just

Admittedly, I am no cook. This food diary is reflective of a very, very busy day (which is most days!). I am thankful for all the many different vegan frozen meals and grab-and-go products there are now to make busy days easier and healthier!

Breakfast: I always drink some Guayaki yerba mate to start the day. Some mornings, I’ll have a bowl of either peanut butter or cinnamon Chex cereal with Silk Unsweetened Organic Soy Milk and others I’ll have a peanut butter protein bar.

Lunch: I am currently loving this veganized Amy’s chili mac! It’s so cozy! I’d never eaten chili mac before and I am now a fan. (Bonus: this is a Certified Vegan product!)

Snacks: I love snacks. Throughout the day I will nibble on pistachios or cashews, have a few chips, maybe a banana. It varies!

Dinner: On this particular day, I went out to dinner with a friend at a very vegan-friendly Korean restaurant. This is their sesame tofu. I wish it came with more veggies (and believe me, I ask for them!), but when I bring home leftovers, I add broccoli to it. 

*DISCLAIMER: The content in this article isn’t meant to serve as health or medical advice. We recommend speaking to a registered dietitian who is experienced with plant-based nutrition with any questions, etc.