By Wendy Patterson

Breakfast: two clementines and Starbucks Irish Cream Cold Brew made with coconut milk. 

Fresh baked potato on a white plate

Lunch: baked potato with chives from Wendy’s and Country Crock Plant Butter- Olive Oil that I bring with me

Dinner: Barilla Protein Spaghetti and fresh zucchini noodles mixed (You still get your pasta fix but still it’s kind of healthy!) with Barilla Marinara Pasta sauce where I have added, fresh green peppers, garlic, onions, roasted red peppers, black olives and a pinch of red wine and Italian spices and an iceberg salad with carrots, vinegar and olive oil dressing with some spices.  

Dessert: apple slices and peanut butter 

*DISCLAIMER: The content in this article isn’t meant to serve as health or medical advice. We recommend speaking to a registered dietitian who is experienced with plant-based nutrition with any questions, etc.