by Paige Baxter

Vegan Action is celebrating Veganuary by sharing food diaries from our staff and guest writers. Veganuary, which begins January 1, is when advocates take to the streets and the online universe and encourage omnivores to try veganism. We’ll link to a new food diary each week until the end of the month and if by then end (or the second day;) ) you’d like to give veganism a go, sign up for our pledge.

Stock photo of an Everything bagel – not from Yorgo’s

Breakfast: coffee with Silk non-dairy vanilla creamer and vegan Everything bagel with homemade vegan herb cream cheese from Yorgo’s in Norfolk, Va.

Snack: apple

Lunch: classic grilled “cheese” with Daiya cheddar slices and a side of Pop BBQ Potato Chips

Dinner:  homemade Burrito Bowl with refried beans, lime cilantro rice, Beyond Burger pieces, tomatoes, lettuce, salsa, Daiya cheddar shredz,  Tofutti “sour cream”, and avocado chunks

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*DISCLAIMER: The content in this article isn’t meant to serve as health or medical advice. We recommend speaking to a registered dietitian who is experienced with plant-based nutrition with any questions, etc.