Vegan Action Employee Yhanni’s blog A Bohemian Vegan gives you veganism 101, recipes, beauty tips and natural lifestyle without the hassle

A Bohemian Vegan

When Yhanni finally decided to make the switch from being vegetarian to vegan, she said the hardest part was trying to figure out where to start her new journey. Now she has tasked herself with providing others with a starting point and advice for becoming vegetarian or vegan in her blog, A Bohemian Vegan.

A Bohemian Vegan features tips and tricks for how to easily make the transition. She also helps you start with a handful of recipes and what items are staples in a vegan diet.

But food isn’t her blog’s only focus, it also delves into several ways and reasons to switch over to a natural lifestyle. Yhanni provides you with recipes for making several homemade personal products such as lip scrub and clay masks.