Bring your grooming back nature with recently Vegan Certified products from Herban Cowboy! Herban Cowboy’s products are created for individuals with cruelty-free grooming in mind. Starting as a small company in the early 2000’s, Herban Cowboy has reached many stores, and even a few popular television shows, to share their love of eco-friendly grooming. They have done this in many creative and simple ways, like adding more environmentally friendly alternatives, such as eliminating the use of aluminum cans to using recyclable tubing for shaving products. They also strive to make their products cruelty-free by using all natural products that smell wonderful.

Here at Vegan Action we had the pleasure to test out many of Herban Cowboys nature-geared grooming products. From soap bars to deodorant, they have it all with scents that bring you back to nature such as Dusk, Forest, Sport, Love, and Blossom. Our team loved the Dusk scent, as it was suited for everyone and gave a wonderful evening-out smell. Forest was also widely liked, giving the impression of a classic Old Spice smell that was instead all natural and cruelty-free. Sport is an energetic take on the Forest smell, making you feel like you were out running & enjoying the great outdoors. Love is a mature scent reminding you of roses and is perfect to add to any day. We also loved the Blossom scent which will remind you of being in a field of flowers.

What we loved most about the soaps and deodorant is that their scents were long-lasting. The shaving cream was also great; it was all natural and still left you feeling moisturized without a chemical smell and sticky feeling post shave. The aftershave pairs wonderfully, soothing your skin and giving your body moisture as you carry on through the rest of your day. The Herban Cowboy has, as mentioned, a beautifully scented Blossom lotion. It is filled with long-lasting moisture and scent and it was perfect for a trip to a local Vegan Festival this summer. I personally loved the smell of the Forest Cologne, which my partner had the opportunity to try on an evening out, lasting through the evening and until the next day. The Herban Cowboy cologne and perfume collection is definitely a must-have.

So if you are looking for a change in your everyday grooming products, look no further than the Herban Cowboy. You can find their products at many local retailers listed here. And be sure to follow their Instagram! Tell them Vegan Action sent you.