There is nothing better than feeling and smelling fresh from day to day. That’s where Madame Lemy comes to save your day with natural deodorant with a classy touch to make your first routine of the day fresh. Made with only natural ingredients in mind, this deodorant aims to have ingredients that we can all recognize and nothing that we cannot. By combining ingredients that help keep your body fresh and dry all day long, as well as detoxifying ingredients that help your body naturally smell great.

Luxury, glamour and exuberance is what this deodorant is all about. With the ode to the Art Deco time period, Madame Lemy wanted to honor the look and the style of using powdered deodorant. Also this deodorant was created with women in mind, as Madame Lemy’s founder was looking for something that wouldn’t disrupt her PCOS. This company also works to be environmentally friendly as well by making their packaging plastic-free with recycled paper and refillable deodorant packs so there is less waste. By doing this Madame Lemy helps us think about our impact on the earth and the simple ways in which we can reduce our waste. Other than being environmentally friendly Madame Lemy is also involved with the Rescue Freedom Project, which is devoted to end animal testing.

Madame Lemy uses ingredients only found in nature such as himalayan salt, baking soda, arrowroot powder and essential oils. With these ingredients they work in the same way that many chemical based deodorants work, by neutralizing odors but with a twist by detoxing chemicals that are harmful to your body. For instance the salt and baking soda hold an antibacterial effect. The arrowroot powder works by naturally absorbing excess sweat. This brand also uses natural scents such as lemon and lime to control odor. These natural chemicals help keep you fresh and dry throughout your day.  Also there are a variety different scents that you can choose from, they are lemon, lime, rose and lavender. If you are interested in learning more about the harmful effects of chemical deodorants check out Madame Lemy’s FAQ page, as she does a wonderful job expressing why natural deodorants are her passion.

We all loved this product for it’s light and airy feeling. Compared to other deodorants this doesn’t have the same sticky feeling as many other deodorants. We felt fancy using the puff that you can dip in powder and apply to your armpits. We also loved the longevity of the product as we did not have to reapply the deodorant throughout the day. The Madame Lemy line also did help us feel fresh all day. The luxury of this product is not only shown on the packaging but also the look and feel of this product.Our only caution is to apply this deodorant before you get dressed because the powder can get a little messy. Though all in all, this is a really wonderful product with a wonderful mission.   

Currently you can purchase Madame Lemy online here