Looking for an all-natural, vegan skin care product that caters to you?  Maven Made is a local brand from Richmond, Virginia that brings natural alternatives to skin care products. Open since 2014, Maven Made makes it possible for individuals to try an alternative to the traditional skin care routine and take a trip on the wonderfully, naturally-smelling wild side.
Vegan Action had the pleasure to try an array of the products Maven Made offers. Starting with skincare, Yhanni recommends the facial serum filled with jojoba oil and other fresh-smelling plants. This serum gives your face a glow and gives your skin the moisture it needs, without harsh chemicals. While we are talking about our faces, another great product from Maven Made is the Rosewater facial spray. Rosewater is great for your face. If you have ever over-exfoliated your face or had a sunburn, you know how terrible that feels! Well, in those times of trouble and pain, you can look to the Rosewater to give you some relief as it will cool down your face. It is also just wonderful to spritz on your face as a part of your normal face routine, before you apply makeup or the facial serum.
Other than having wonderful skincare products, Maven Made also has products meant for everyday life. The Headache Relief was a big hit for when an unexpected headache made their appearance. The Sleep Serum is a must if you have trouble sleeping. The Sleep Serum is filled with lavender and other soothing oils that tell your body it’s time to rest and relax. The last product from this thoughtful company was the Room Spray with lavender and tonka bean. A few spritzes and it felt as though the space was not only clean but relaxing to be in.
As a bonus, if you are in tune with your Astrological sign, check out Maven Made’s Astrology collection. It is filled with a body roll-on for each sign! These roll-ons not only help you charge for whatever moon phase we are in, but they are also personalized for each sign by including the correct stone that matches your sign. I look forward to picking up some to accommodate my sign’s individual quirks. We hope you give this wonderful Vegan Certified brand a try for whatever your needs are to enhance your self-care.
To purchase these products Find Maven Made on Instagram, here and online at www.mavenmaderva.com