PA-based Lancaster Farm Sanctuary Participates In a Statewide Fundraising Campaign on Nov. 22

Lancaster Farm Sanctuary is the only farm animal sanctuary in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  Although Lancaster is typically known for Amish farms, it is also one of the largest factory farming counties in the nation. It ranks first in “layers”; fourth in poultry; and eighth in milk production. It is notorious for animal cruelty.

Tammy the Turkey was rescued from slaughter. She is a heritage-breed turkey and likely came from a free-range turkey farm. Like millions of turkeys, Tammy was intended for Thanksgiving dinner, but was instead rescued by Lancaster Farm Sanctuary. She now spends her days hanging out with friends, bathing in the sun, and eating her favorite treat, blueberries.  

In this setting, Sarah Salluzzo and Jonina Turzi boldly founded a farm animal sanctuary to rescue abandoned and neglected farm animals and educate people about animal exploitation and commodification. In two years, LFS has become home to cows, pigs, chickens, goats, ducks, sheep and turkeys.  Over 30 volunteers working two or three shifts a day help care for the animal residents by feeding them, cleaning their homes, and giving them lots of attention and hugs.

Happy pigs, Charlotte and Willa, enjoying the open air at Lancaster Farm Sanctuary.

The rescues come to Lancaster Farm Sanctuary in a variety of ways.  Charlotte and Willa, pictured to the left, were confined in a small shed up to their necks in their own waste; on an anonymous tip, police broke down the shed to free them and then turned them over to the sanctuary.  TrueHeart and Bess are mother and daughter and were originally intended to be used for dairy. The previous “owners” of the cows realized their trauma when separating them,  became vegan, and asked Lancaster Farm Sanctuary to let the family retire to a life of peace and safety.

Lancaster Farm Sanctuary has talked to thousands of local residents about the need to “go vegan”. The sanctuary founders speak at events, libraries and colleges. Lancaster Farm Sanctuary regularly hosts tours of the farm, talking to each guest about the life of the farm animal residents compared to the short and miserable life of animals not rescued. The sanctuary also hosts vegan cooking demonstrations, yoga and wellness events, and vegan dinners including one scheduled for November 23.

Santosha the Turkey

On November 22, Lancaster Farm Sanctuary will participate in ExtraGive, Lancaster’s annual day to support local nonprofit organizations. On that day, a portion of the donations made to Lancaster Farm Sanctuary will be matched.  Additionally, as Lancaster Farm Sanctuary is the first and only vegan nonprofit to be accepted into ExtraGive, it hopes to turn some heads and raise awareness about its mission through an anticipated outpouring of support.

Vegan Action supports Lancaster Farm Sanctuary as we have a shared mission: a future when sentient animals are no longer commodities. We hope you will support it too.

Want to donate to the sanctuary’s campaign? Donate here.