Vegan Whopper

With the release of Impossible Foods’ Burger, many fast food chains have latched onto the newest trend of adding a vegan option to their menus.

Although some of these chains have not fully launched this new item just yet, you should be able to take advantage of it soon.

Here are the highlights:

  • Chow down on a Beyond Burger at TGI Fridays, A&W, Veggie Grill or Carl’s Jr. The Beyond Burger crumbles are used in items at Del Taco.
  • Once White Castle started incorporating Impossible Foods in their menu, more restaurants started adding it to their menus, too. Find an Impossible burger at the following locations: Red Robin (burger), Qdoba (taco filling), Burger King (burger), Little Caesar’s (sausage as a topping)

The introduction of Beyond Burger and Impossible Burger to the market has also given local establishments an essentially effortless meatless option to add to their menus.

Hopefully, more restaurants will follow suit because it means that more omnivores will be exposed to the delicious possibilities of a vegan diet.