By Yhanni Guadalupe-Butcher, A Bohemian Vegan

Vegan hair care and products are a little easier to find with Vegan Action on your side! We have compiled a list of products to work with different hair textures to help you take care of your hair in the most ethical way possible. 

Straight Hair

Photo Credits: Lush Cosmetics

If you feel your hair is in some serious need of more volume, check out Big Shampoo and conditioner by Lush. Made with sea salt, citrus and coconut oil, this shampoo adds volume and shine to you hair. This mix is also self preserving, which is a plus because that means you can use this product leisurely. The coconut oil will also help bring moisture to your hair. Pair the shampoo with the Big Conditioner for extra moisture. We suggest using the Big Conditioner bar for an eco-friendly option.

Pro Tip: At Lush if you recycle five clean pots you can get a free face mask in return. Being Eco-Friendly has never been more rewarding!

Photo Credits: Pacifica Beauty

As far as products go, we like the Pacifica Salty Waves Textured spray. This spray gives you the beach waves you desire, without having to spend the day at the beach.

Find Salty Waves here

Wavy Hair

Photo Credits: Lush Cosmetics

The Trichomania Shampoo is great for wavy hair, because it has coconut oil to help maintain moisture and shine.

Photo Credits: Lush Cosmetics

Pair it with Lush’s Jungle conditioner bar, which is made with avocado to help soften dry curls. Find it here.

Photo Credits: Pacifica Beauty

For products, I would suggest Pacifica’s Salty Wave Hair Balm, which is here to help style your waves with tropical scents of banana, sea algae and chia.

Find it here.

Pro Tip: You can also recycle your empty Pacifica Bottles with their Recycling program. All you have to do is sign up and send back your empty bottles to receive reward points. (Restrictions may apply)

Curly Hair

Photo Credits: Renpure

For curly hair I love using Renpure’s Shampoo and Conditioning products. My top shampoo choice is Coconut Cream, which adds moisture to your hair as well as nourishes your locks while protecting the natural oils. It’s also sulfate-free, plant-based, cruelty-free and safe for color-treated hair.

Check out the Coconut Cream here.

Photo Credits: Jane Carter Solutions

For products, I love the Jane Carter solution line. I personally choose products that do not weigh my hair down, and Jane Carter does just that! My go-to products are the Revitalizing Leave-in Conditioner and the Incredible Curls Cream. I love to use the Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner  first, then finish with the Incredible Curls Cream, which helps give my curls the hold they need without shrinkage, so it keeps my curls soft and bouncy.

Coily Hair 

Photo Credits: Lush Cosmetics

If you are looking for a co-wash, try Lush’s Avocado Co-Wash. This wash is filled with you guessed it, avocado, cocoa butter and cider vinegar to name a few. As a bonus this bar smells absolutely amazing! This bar is perfect for in between washes, when you just need a little conditioning before wash day. I personally love the moisture it brings back to my hair. I love the way it gently cleanses my hair without stripping any other natural oils. I also enjoy smelling like a tropical vacation, wherever the day takes me.

Find this awesome Co-Wash here!

Photo Credits: Jane Carter Solutions

For products, I would recommend using Jane Carter Solutions Curl Defining Cream as it gives you soft curls and minimizes shrinkage. I would also suggest checking out the Curls to Goline, the Shine On Curl elixir is great for adding extra moisture and shine with aloe, argan and macadamia oils.

Click here to define your curls with Jane Carter’s line!

Styling Cream 

Photo Credits: Lush Cosmetics

For those who are just looking for a styling cream for on the go, we recommend the Dirty Hair Cream from Lush. This cream gives a firm hold and is fit for any person who just wants a quick style. It’s also fragranced with the Dirty scent from Lush, giving your hair spearmint and beach vibes.

Get this Cream to Style your locks here!

Color Treated Hair

We have a short list of vegan shampoo and conditioners that will be sure to keep your hair vibrant and moisturized.

Photo Credits: Renpure

Renpure’s Originals line has three color safe options: Coconut Cream, Argan Oil, and Biotin and Collagen.

Photo Credits: Framesi

Framesi is another vegan hair care line. However, with this brand you can only find their product at salons. Check our their product locator to see where these products are sold and remember that prices vary.