Article and Photos By VeggieHotels

While traveling or going on vacation everyone who is living a plant-based lifestyle has experienced the difficulties of finding good food – for what use are beautiful rooms and enticing pools when all you can order in the restaurant are side dishes?

In order to facilitate the travel of plant-based eaters, the internet portal VeggieHotels was launched in September 2011 as the world’s first hotel directory for purely vegetarian and vegan hotels, B&B lodgings, seminar and health centers. The portal has grown to over 500 venues in 62 countries.

It represents a wide range of accommodations, from vegan surfing camps to five-star hotels, from luxurious Ayurvedic retreats to simple mountain chalets, and from Tuscan country estates to holistic wellness resorts on Bali. There is something for every (travel) preference.

As a rule, VeggieHoteliers are well prepared to welcome not only vegan guests but also those with food intolerances. Whole foods, celiac diet, clean eating, and raw foods are not foreign concepts here. Instead, these are all perfectly ordinary dietary choices.

And yet the VeggieHotels have much more to offer than just a healthy diet – they provide everything that does good for the body, mind, and spirit: from cooking classes and holistic wellness packages to individual health and prevention programs.

All VeggieHotels share one thing in common: They do not serve any meat or fish, and their menus and are one hundred percent vegetarian. Vegans will also find plenty of reasons to enjoy a stay in any VeggieHotel, as all of them also offer vegan options.

VeganWelcome – A selection of vegan-friendly hotels

More and more establishments whose menus traditionally feature meat and fish are embracing veganism and offering their guests excellent vegan meals alongside their conventional dishes.

As a result, in 2015 the makers of VeggieHotels created VeganWelcome as another web portal that lists highly recommended vegan-friendly hotels.

With already more than 130 hotels in over 20 countries this directory provides a wide selection of vegan travel offers ranging from a 5-star hotel in Vienna, exciting resorts in India and California as well as destinations for hikers and nature lovers at Lake District in Great Britain or the Alps. The VeganWelcome selection of hotels is as exciting and diverse as the vegan cuisine itself.