Fried tofu in bowl

Tofu is a wonderful and inexpensive protein source.  However, it does have to be made well to be loved by all. One great aspect of tofu is its ability to take on any flavor that you incorporate. The trick to having your tofu cooked just right is ensuring it’s firm, flavorful, and not spongy. Be sure to choose FIRM tofu for everything except baking.  Here are our tips for cooking the perfect tofu!

  • Press it! This step is crucial to getting a firm end product. Once you remove it from the water, use a tofu press or place the tofu block between several layers of paper towels or dish towels and then on top of a cutting board and under a few heavy objects (cookbooks, cans of soup). Press for 30 minutes or longer. The longer, the better. 
  • Cut it! Cut tofu into small cubes or thin slices for frying, baking, or adding to stews.
  • Marinade it! Choose your sauce (BBQ, Soy Sauce, Oil and spices, etc.) and cover tofu completely with it. Let it set for 30-45 minutes. Again, the longer, the better.  
  • Batter it!  Make your own Southern Fried Tofu at home. Try this crispy tofu nugget recipe
  • Bake it! Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and bake your battered, marinated, or seasoned tofu at 400 degrees for 35-40 minutes. Make sure to flip halfway through. Try this BBQ Tofu recipe
  • Fry it! If you decide to fry instead of bake your tofu, fry the cubes first in oil until firm and slightly crispy.  Remove from your pan and then saute any veggies separately to keep them from making the tofu soggy. 
  • Scramble it! After pressing the tofu, crumble the tofu into a pan of oil and garlic.  Cook with spices and add in some finely chopped veggies to make a great scramble or burrito filling.  Try this Scramble Tofu recipe
  • Freeze it! Freezing tofu changes the texture for an improved addition to chili, soups, and stews.  Thaw for 24 hours in the refrigerator before using. Try this Tofu Corn Chowder recipe

If you want to be extra fancy, tofu presses are available like this one made by Vegan Action friend Kim Marino.