Consider these must-have, cruelty-free products for all of your warm and sunny adventures this season.

Kiss My Face
Just one portion of the Kiss My Face sun lotion line.
  • Kiss My Face has a whole line of sunscreen products fit for the whole family whether you’re an active bunch or need some protection for your day-to-day life. They even have lip balm with SPF.
  • Celestial Moisturizer by Lush leaves your face feeling smooth and hydrated, especially after a day out in the sun. It’s made with almond oil, almond milk, vanilla water, and fresh dove orchid extract. This moisturizer is perfect for sensitive skin.
Igloo Recoolers
Photo by Igloo
  • Eco Tan’s Invisible Tan is perfect for those who want to treat themselves to a quality glow that they can rock to the beach.
Solo Eyewear
Rock your eco-friendly Solo Eyewear any and everywhere you go this summer.
  • Sport eco-friendly shades, SOLO Eyewear, made from repurposed wood or bamboo.
  • And, of course, you cannot forget to have a reusable water bottle on hand to stay hydrated with. Find one on Amazon for as cheap as $10. You can also buy one at Walmart or Target.
  • Carry your cruelty-free and eco friendly beach swag with a Certified Vegan tote.

Now that you’re prepared, it’s time to hit the beaches, pools, and where ever else your summer heart desires!