Redemption BBQ Vegan Sandwich
Vegan BBQ Jackfruit sandwich topped with slaw. Photo by Redemption BBQ.

Here at Vegan Action, we believe it’s important to recognize and applaud mostly omnivore-focused eateries when they craft tasty vegan options for their menus. This time, we want to give kudos to one of Richmond, VA’s new food trucks, Redemption BBQ.

This past weekend at the Richmond food festival, Broad Appetit, we had the chance to try Redemption BBQ’s vegan barbecue jackfruit sandwich topped with flavorful slaw on a challah bread bun. The food truck mostly cranks out meat-centered dishes, but thankfully they were cooking up this item at the festival on June 2nd. At the event, Redemption BBQ sold out of the vegan sandwich, and because of their success with the cruelty-free dish, the business decided that the sandwich will now be a new item on their menu.

Let’s keep supporting businesses like this, because the more we do, the better chances we have that business owners will be encouraged to add more plant-based, dairy-free options to their menus, creating a diverse menu that all can enjoy.