Many people who might be curious about veganism often wonder what vegans eat for breakfast. There are tons of different ways you can start your day. The choice is yours. You can be adventurous and whip up a vegan french toast or breakfast burrito. You could also take the simple and easy route and have cereal, oatmeal, or plant-based yogurt with granola and fruit.

We definitely have our go-to’s. If you need some breakfast inspiration, check out our favorite dishes:

Photo By Simple Vegan Blog

1. Avocado Toast

Anything avocado-related is delicious, so why wouldn’t you want to begin your day with avocado toast? This simple, easy-to-make dish requires few ingredients and little prep time. It’s also a dish that can have different topping variations. We love adding slices of red onion and tomato chunks on ours!

Photo by Nora Cooks

2. Overnight Oats

For an easy meal, prepare your oats the night before, so that it’s ready to be eaten by the morning. Follow Nora Cook’s recipe or feel free to mix it up and add your toppings of choice. For even more nutritional value, add chia seeds!

3. Smoothies

A quick and nutritious breakfast for anyone who’s on the go, or who doesn’t have ample time to prepare breakfast. Pack your smoothie with tons of nutrients and tasty ingredients like bananas, berries, chia seeds and almond butter!

4. Tofu Scramble

This favorite is simple to prepare and cook plus it’s scrumptious! Toss in more or less veggies and even add some salsa or hot sauce to spice it up. Make a big batch so you can enjoy this dish for a few days.

5. Pancakes

Not everyone is limited on time in the mornings. If you find yourself leisurely getting ready for work, whip up some pancakes. They’re filling and simple to make. Enjoy your fluffy pancakes with maple syrup and fresh fruit like strawberries or blueberries.