It’s getting hot out there, so …. take a seat and grab one of these non-alcoholic Certified Vegan beverages!

1. Waterloo

For a sparkling water with more than just a whisper of fruit flavor, try Waterloo! As stated on their website: “Waterloo’s natural flavors are derived from the named fruit used in each of our different varieties. By using the natural extracted fruit essences and oils, we create true-to-fruit flavors unlike anything else.” Flavors include strawberry, grape, grapefruit, lime, lemon, black cherry, watermelon, coconut, mango, and original.

Photo by Waterloo

2. Steaz Prickly Pear Water with Green Tea

Pass the Steaz, please! To channel some real summertime vibes in a drink, try Steaz Prickly Pear Water with green tea. There’s also a cucumber and a starfruit blend for maximum refreshment. Look for our Certified Vegan logo on Steaz products!

Photo by Steaz

3. Watermelon Lime Nooma

Get a boost of natural electrolytes with Watermelon Lime Nooma, a must-have to re-energize either before, during, or after summer adventures. The light and refreshing beverage helps replenish the electrolytes you’ve sweated out. Plus it contains less sugar than other sports drinks! Not a fan of watermelon lime? Try one of four other flavors: lemonade, Chocolate Mint, Blueberry Peach, and mango.

Photo by Nooma

4. Big Easy Bucha

Packed with probiotics and antioxidants, kombucha is a sparkling probiotic tea that’s good for your gut! Big Easy Bucha, made in New Orleans, offers gut-friendly, Certified Vegan kombucha in a rainbow of flavors: Cajun Kick, Front Porch Peach, Geaux Green, Jazz Juice, Parade Punch, Bayou Berry, and more. Head to to find the nearest retailer carrying these drinks.

Photo by Big Easy Bucha

5. Kalena Sparkling Coconut Water

Hydrate with Kalena Sparkling Coconut Water, a light, electrolyte-filled sparkling beverage that’s sure to give you a boost on a hot day. The lineup includes a few summertime flavors including lime, mango, and watermelon. Grab some for yourself on Amazon.

Photo by Kalena Sparkling Coconut Water