by Yhanni Guadalupe-Butcher

Since going vegan I have become more environmentally conscious, with the current intention to make small changes in my life to help the earth. During this journey I recently came across an article about eco friendly options for cat litter. So as a cat mom of two, I decided to give it a try because there are harmful chemicals in clay clumping liter, that I didn’t want to affect the health of my cats. This discovery made me wonder if there were other eco-friendly pet options and to my surprise there are multiple! Check out this short list of eco-friendly products you and your furry friend will love.

Dog and Cat Accessories

For long walks, check out these leashes and collars from The Good Dog! They are made from hemp and cotton. Also this company also has Cat Collars and machine washable dog toys.

Pet Toys

Looking for eco friendly cat toys? Check out these options from Purrfectplay. I love this Silly Sea Cucumber infused with Catnip.

Purrfectplay also has a line of dog toys! For a friendly tug of war match check out this hand-braided cotton tug toy!


After a great day of playing, sometimes our dogs need to freshen up a bit. Instead of using a bottle of shampoo, use this shampoo bar from Woof Wild. You will be able to comfort your dog, while helping them keep clean. Bonus, you will be able save on adding plastics to landfills, by eliminating the need of one. Who knew keeping your pet clean, could have so many benefits for you, your pet and our environment.

Bampooch has a wonderful Vegan pet brush that your pooch will love. Made of bamboo and rubber bristles this brush will help keep your pets coat shiny and clean. 

Cat Waste Cleanup

Eco friendly Cat litter is helpful because many other clumping litters are made of harmful ingredients that could hurt your furry friend. Eco friendly litter options are also helpful for our pets and the environment as they are made of recycled or natural materials such as pine, wheat or corn kernels. Many eco friendly options also, have a reduced dust, tracking and odor. Please note, these litters work the best when you scoop your litter boxes daily.

Swheat Scoop, is made out of wheat, making it 100% biodegradable. It also has a low odor control, when you scoop it everyday. This litter can be dusty when you initially use it, but it is a good option to try. The only other downside is that the litter can track, so be mindful that may happen with this litter.

World’s Best Cat Litter has to be my favorite litter. I love that there is a scented option that reduces odors. It also reduces the amount of dust that is spread when adding it to the litter box. I scoop this litter once a day because I have two lovely cats. This Litter also clumps really well and does not stick to the bottom of the litter box. In my home, I choose to mix the scented option and the multi-cat option.

Dog Waste Cleanup

For a Zero Waste clean up option, check out this Pooper Scooper making cleanup painless. This device makes it easier for humans to retrieve and discard pet waste. This is also perfect for people with back problems as you won’t need to bend down to clean up after your pet. Find yours on Amazon.

If you prefer to bag up your pet waste check out this Bio Bag which is environmentally friendly. These bags are made from plant starches and vegetable oils. One user noted that the bags hold up through the entire walk with waste in them. 


My cats love to lay where ever they can find a comfy spot, but oftentimes I prefer that they don’t leave cat hair on my couch. Westpaw comes in handy with these eco-friendly pet blankets. With these stylish blankets, you can add some decor and functionality. These blankets range from $29 to $89 to fit a variety of needs. You can also use this material to repurpose a used dog or cat bed.

We hope you enjoyed this list, and that you are inspired to try some of these products out for you and your furry friend!