Most of us enjoy receiving gifts, but what about being gifted handmade presents? In my humble opinion, when I received handmade surprises, they signify that the gift giver went the extra step and put in twice as much thought as they would when buying a present. It means so much more.

Ditch the shopping lines and make some of the gifts you give this year. Here are some ideas to get you going.

DIY Air Freshener
  • Air Freshener – When in doubt, presents for the home are a great option and often go over well. Who doesn’t like a nice smelling house? These are incredibly easy to make and are perfect to place in the bathroom, car or any room.
  • Vegan Cookies in a jar – Share with your omni friends the deliciousness of vegan cookies! They’ll easily be convinced after making these easy cookies.
  • Essential oil roller ball – These make for great gifts and stocking stuffers that people can easily keep in their handbags or backpacks and use as needed. There are loads of recipes out there but here are a few.
  • Lotion bars – Gift these as stocking stuffers or wrap them up in cloth or small tins. For a relaxing and moisturizing bar, try this Sleepytime Lavender and Magnesium recipe.
  • Body scrub – Winter dries out everyone’s skin, so why not give someone the gift of exfoliation and pampering? This all-natural and edible body scrub leaves your skin feeling smooth and moisturized. 
  • Decorated mugs – Practical presents are the best and you really can’t go wrong with a coffee mug. Whether they’re coffee drinkers or not, these can be used for drinking tea, soda, water or eating soup and ice cream. Find your nearest DIY painting studio, such as Color Me Mine, to paint your very own mug.
  • Pup treats  – Don’t leave out all of your furry friends this holiday season. They will demolish these tasty sweet potato treats. Stuff them in a mason jar that’s adorned in seasonally appropriate ribbon or yarn.  
  • Room spray – Craft your own room spray by combining distilled water and essential oils in a reusable spray bottle. After the spray is gone, the bottle can be reused to create another spray! The scent possibilities are endless but check out this recipe and this one too.
  • Beard Oil – Encourage your special bearded friend to treat themselves with this easy-to-make beard oil. It’ll leave their beard looking shiny and silky.