By Paige Baxter, Vegan Action Staff

Krissa’s Vegan Kitchen

I enjoy knocking back a few slices of Tofurky just as much as the next vegan, but for me, holiday feasts are totally about the side dishes. Here are some delicious sides in hopes you can get a little holiday dinner inspiration this season.

Starchy Favorites

Stuffing – Full disclosure, I’m a little biased towards this classic and savory Thanksgiving delight. It’s almost always salty, flavorful, and I love the way that it kind of melts in your mouth. Each year, I seriously consider filling up my plate solely with stuffing. Okay, okay, I’ll stop fangirling. There are two great options for stuffing –  the traditional, yet homemade version made by Karissa’s Vegan Kitchen and Trader Joe’s slightly healthier and frozen version made with cauliflower. Stuffing is the perfect dish to take to Friendsgiving or other similar celebrations because the veganizing needed is subtle and delicious!

By Yhanni Guadalupe-Butcher

Mac and Cheese – Creamy, tasty, and nostalgic are just three of the many positive adjectives one could use to describe this delicious dish. In our opinion, a holiday feast isn’t complete without this side!

Sweet Potato Casserole – Another classic opening act that’s bound to be a crowd pleaser to all at the table. Sans milk and eggs, this recipe won’t disappoint. 

Mashed Potatoes – Fluffy, thick, and buttery are all requirements for the consistency and taste of mashed potatoes. This recipe is easy and thankfully, mashers are naturally easy to veganize. Add some vegan Earth Balance, plus some salt and herbs and you won’t be disappointed.

Get on the Gravy Train 

Holiday dinners aren’t complete without gravy to slater atop your mashers, Tofurky, stuffing, and almost everything else on your plate. Make your own with this recipe from Nora Cooks or buy premade gravy from Trader Joe’s or Tofurky (Find it near you).

You Can’t Go Wrong With Veggies of Different Forms

Roasted Harvest Vegetables – Balance out all the delicious starches and desserts you’ll likely consume with a mix of tasty and nutritious veggies.  

Green Bean Casserole – A healthier take on the classic green bean casserole, but don’t fret because it’s just as yummy and still features those delicious crispy onions. Plus, your plate might need a little more green on it!

Corn Pudding – Mix the menu up and serve up some warm corn pudding at your festivities this year. The steps are simple and the end product will be enjoyed by omnivores and vegans alike.